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How to Roll Better Joints

By August 24, 2020 No Comments

If you’re looking to perfect your joint rolling skills, you’ve come to the right place. 

The truth is rolling takes some practice. Once you get the hang of it, rolling joints can become a part of your cannabis ritual. You’ll have control over how your joint looks, smokes, and even feels especially if you use the right rolling papers

Our team of cannabis experts have been rolling joints for well, a long time, and we understand how frustrating the process can be to get that perfect joint. 

To support you with your rolling journey, we’re sharing our top knowledge and tips so you can be confident going into your next smoke session. 

It’s all about the paper

The type of rolling paper you choose matters. You don’t want your joint to rip or come apart while you’re smoking (the worst). The quality of your rolling paper determines how smoothly your joint will roll and how well it burns. Our Sticky Nuggz Inc. rolling papers are designed with our consumer experiences in mind, made of 100% hemp, durable, and slow-burning so you can roll and consume with ease. 

The biggest tip

Filter tips can make a big difference in your rolling and smoking experience. No one likes getting cannabis in their mouth or burnt fingertips while they’re smoking. Filter tips can prevent these issues and make for an easier roll since you can place your fingers around the tips as you’re rolling to achieve a nice shape. To make your life even easier, we created a tips and papers duo so you have the essentials you need to roll your perfect joint all in one place.

Create the cone first

Many people have trouble shaping the joint once they have cannabis inside the paper. Our tip is to reverse your steps. Instead of starting with the cannabis inside your paper, try creating an empty cone first by rolling a pen, pencil, sharpie or any round utensil in between the paper. You’ll have an empty cone that you can then easily fill with your grounded cannabis.

Take your time

It can be easy to rush the rolling process, especially near the shaping stage where you’re close to sealing your joint. But this piece requires the most patience and skill. If your cannabis is falling out, the tip is uneven, the paper is becoming loose, or you’re just not getting the shape you want, that’s ok. Take a breath, unravel the roll and try again! Practice makes perfect. You’ll likely roll a handful before you get to your ideal joint.

Consistency matters

Use a grinder to ensure your cannabis is finely grounded and without any lumps or stems. If you roll a joint with chunky cannabis, it’s likely to be uneven, and you risk developing holes in the joint. Nicely ground bud means you’ll have an easier time rolling and a smooth even burn.

We hope these 5 tips for rolling a joint helps you to perfect your rolling skills. With a little bit of patience and practice, we’re confident you and your best buds will be able to roll the best joint in no time! 

If you do put your rolling skills to the test, be sure to tag us at #StickyNuggz with a picture of your freshly rolled joint and share your favourite rolling tip with us! For more information, visit www.stickynuggzinc.com

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