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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Cannabis-Loving Dad

By June 17, 2020 No Comments

Are you frantically searching for the perfect gift to celebrate dad this Father’s Day? Fear not, because we got you covered. In the era of legal cannabis, there are many amazing products to delight any cannabis-loving or canna-curious dad. Bolster that Father’s Day card idea with a personalized cannabis gift to really show you appreciate dad and his awesome love for ganja. After all, nothing screams the world’s greatest dad like a box of premium cannabis accessories.

  1. DIY Cannabis Stash Kit – Make your gift to dad really personal by curating his own personal cannabis kit. If your dad smokes joints, combine premium rolling papers, a heavy-duty grinder and a nice metal rolling tray with some filter tips to make his rolling experience easier. If he has a favourite colour you can also find cannabis accessories that match.
  1. Edibles Box – If dad isn’t a smoker but still enjoys getting high, consider putting together a personalized edibles box. With so many chocolates, soft chews, teas, beverages and other confectionery goods available, you can mix and match to build a box that dad will use. This is also a great option for health-conscious dads and those newer to cannabis. 
  1. CBD – Does your dad suffer from aches and pains, or have trouble sleeping? Maybe he’s been spending too much time at the golf course or works a labour-intensive job. While studies on the positive health benefits of CBD are inconclusive, users strongly advocate for CBD as a wellness product to promote relaxation, calm and relief. So if your dad is looking for some relief or thinking about changing his cannabis routine, gift dad some high-quality CBD oil or natural CBD based body cream to let dad know you appreciate him.
  1. Culinary Cannabis Experience – Who doesn’t love a nice homecooked meal? Now you can take dad’s Father’s Day dinner to the next level. Cannabis Cooking Company has certified chefs that come to your home to help you infuse and prepare your cannabis legally so you can enjoy a cannabis-infused meal with the family (adults only, obviously). So tell dad to turn the oven off and get his appetite on, because it’s about to be a great Father’s Day.
  1. Cannabis Journal – Whether your dad is a wellness or recreational cannabis user, a cannabis journal is a great way to help him keep track of his cannabis consumption. With a journal he can keep track of strains he likes, and even the ones that don’t agree with him. This way he has something to reference when making his next trip to the cannabis store, and he can even share the information with his doctor if he wants. There’s nothing like a good quality, handy journal to keep dad reminded of the weed he likes. 

So which gift idea will you choose? With so many options and ways to be creative, you’re bound to give dad a personalized gift that he’ll enjoy. Be sure to visit the Sticky Nuggz Inc. online shop to purchase his filter tips, rolling trays, and rolling paper so dad is prepared for his next smoke session. 

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