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20 Awesome Joints to Celebrate 420

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We all thought we’d be spending 420 a little differently this year. Whether you were planning on attending a party, Vancouver’s 4/20 Protest and Festival, or just joining a smoke circle with friends, those plans have gone out the window. While blazing at home is always a good time a little something extra is needed to help commemorate our favourite holiday. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 20 fun and creative joints. These are sure to spark your creativity so grab a pack of Sticky Nuggz and get rolling, share your creations with us on social and use the tag #StickyNuggz.


Cross Joint
With most of us having more free time than usual, why not take your rolling skills to the next level and learn to master the cross joint. 

Cactus Joint
Similar to the cross joint, the cactus joint is sure to delight gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts.

Pipe Joint
The pipe joint may not be the most practical, but it’s a fun novelty that’s sure to get a laugh.

Pasta Noodle Filter Joint
Did you know you could use a rotini/fusilli noodle for a filter? This silly joint is sure to impress any ganja loving Nonna. If you don’t have rotini on hand, try reaching for any other corkscrew shaped pasta. The pasta-bilities are endless! 

Tulip Joint
The tulip joint is a great first novelty joint to master. It looks impressive without being too complex.

Octopus Joint
Novices may not want to attempt the Octopus Joint but this is a great option for someone starting to create specialty rolls.

Double Decker Joint
Double Decker joints are a breeze to make and a great way to mix strains or add some extra kief to your roll.

Peace Joint
We could all use a little peace right now, preferably in joint form.

Rose Joint
Rose Joint, the tulip joint’s hot cousin.

A classic blunt is hard to compete with, you can’t go wrong.

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Dino Joint
Most of us aren’t master rollers but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate works of art like this awesome Dino.

Yoda Joint I want
Roll enough joints and we’ll all end up looking like Yoda tonight.

Spider and Web Joint
No need to fear this Spider!

Nunchuck blunts
Nunchuck blunts are the perfect companion to your Kung Foo movie marathon

Fun Filter Joints
Bending your filters into different shapes is a simple way to elevate a classic joint. Seth Rogan even uses different shaped filters to tell different strains apart, which seems like a pretty genius idea!

Sucker Joints
These beauties are fairly simple to make and a great way to use up any flavoured papers you have lying around.

Resin/Kief Rolled Joint
Rolling a joint in resin and kief is a simple upgrade that makes a world of difference.

Hammerhead Joint
What would be better than a shark movie marathon and one of these boys?

Standard joint
Joints are the preferred method of consumption for many and it’s not hard to understand why. you just can’t beat the OG.

Pre-rolled cone
If you can’t roll or you’re looking for convenience, you can’t go wrong with a Pre-Rolled Cone.

Did these awesome rolls spark your creativity and ignite your 420 pride? Grab a pack of Sticky Nuggz and get rolling, share your creations with us on social and use the tag #StickyNuggz.

Stay safe and have a lit 420!

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