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What to Look for in a Rolling Paper

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what to look for in a rolling paper

We spend a lot of time choosing our cannabis flower. Maybe you read reviews before buying or even grow your own to ensure the best quality. But do you give the same amount of attention to your rolling papers? Your flower is only as good as your paper, so here are some things to keep in mind when choosing a rolling paper.

What to look for in a rolling paper

Rolling paper can be made with many different fibres, including rice, hemp and wood pulp. Hemp is a favourite of ours because it’s a sustainable crop that requires little to no chemicals to grow, and doesn’t have a distinct taste. You want to taste your flower after all, not your paper.

Not all adhesives are created equal, so make sure to read the ingredients. While most papers are now vegan, some still use adhesives containing animal products, and others are loaded with chemicals. Pure natural arabic gum is a nontoxic and natural glue.

The thickness of your paper will impact how it rolls, so choosing a thickness really comes down to personal taste. Rolling papers should typically be thin enough to roll easily without being so thin that they rip.

Inhaling chemicals is bad for you and the environment; choosing an all-natural rolling paper will ensure you’re not inhaling chemicals from your papers that you don’t know about.

When choosing your rolling papers, find a brand you trust. Like most things, you want to support brands that align with your values. Do a little research on their history, where they’re based, and their business practices to make sure they match your vibe and values.

what to look for in a rolling paper

Of course, if you want a paper that hits all these marks, try our Sticky Nuggz rolling papers. Our rolling papers are slow-burning and made from all-natural hemp that is perfect for your cannabis experience. Check them out now.

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